How Swollen Am I Really After Smart Lipo?

I had my abs done on Thursday, three days ago, and feel extremely swollen. The only discoloration however, is in my pelvic area. My tummy is certainly a better shape than before the procedure, but just as large, firm to the touch, sore, and still somewhat numb. How long should I expect to be swollen and how much can I expect to shrink? Thanks in advance for any information!

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Swelling with Smartlipo

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You will see the result immediately after Smartlipo, and then you will start to swell. Swelling is completely normal and will last at least a week; please wear the compression garment to help.

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Smart Lipo will progress in stages

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At three days post op, there is still much of the water on board that was used during the actual procedure.

I generally tell our patients we trade - they give up fat cells, in exchange for water.

The water then goes away. Then the swelling  comes down.

Finally the collagen - tightening from the laser- starts to show up. Even at 6 months out there may still be some progress being made. 



Christopher J. Peers, MD
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Swelling after liposuction is normal, but manageable

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The keys to minimizing swelling after liposuction are compression and massage. Your garment should be worn continuously for the first few weeks and massage therapy should be inititiated as soon as possible. In my practice, we start on the day after surgery.

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