Swollen tummy after 2 weeks of cool sculpture procedure. I am really worried. (photos)

I had the cool sculpure procedure on my tummy 2weeks ago; 2 applications, upper and lower abdomen, as well as my love handles.The tingling sensation has stopped and the pain is manageable. But my tummy remains very hard, protruding and bloated. I can still make out the outline of the device and can grab the vacuumed area.Unfortunately, I did the procedure in another country during a brief vacation and can confirm that there are no clinics in my city to advice me. Should I be worried?

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Give it time first

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What you are experiencing sounds like a complication related to the

technician who performed the procedure. It may have been an improper

placement of the applicator or failure to adequately massage the treated

area after the removal of the applicator. I would recommend waiting

about 6 to 8 weeks. This time gives the skin and remaining fat time to

recover. If the issues you described do not resolve, please consult your

family doctor.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Abdominal area and CoolSculpting

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Cool Sculpting is a great treatment for the abdominal area and love handles.  The side effects that you are describing I have not seen, especially seeing the outline of the device.  I would contact the clinic out of the country that you went to for advice.  It is most important for the best results to go to a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with Cool Sculpting.

Cool sculpting recovery

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At 2 weeks there still can be swelling the skin may still feel slightly numb.  The out lines of the device should be long gone.  One thing that maybe helpful is a simple binder from the department store like target that has velcro one side so you can wrap it around and provide some support.

Swollen Tummy post Coolsculpting

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The results do seem to have been affected by a poor technician. Consult in person with another authorized center even if you need to travel to understand your options.

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