Swollen, Stretched Columnella After Rhinoplasty (3 Weeks After Operation). Will it go Down? (photo)

Dear All, I've asked another question on here about the piggy look I currently have and whether this will subside due to swelling but I am also having some issues with the way my columnella looks. I have included a before pic - very sadly now I think my nose looks better before. Apart from a swollen lump at the base of my nose I think my columnella looks really wide, hangs and has a deep V which creates a snouty look. It is also rock hard. Will this reduce as the swelling starts to go down?

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Swollen, Stretched Columella After Rhinoplasty (3 Weeks After Operation). Will it go Down?

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        I can understand your trepidation at this early stage following a rhinoplasty.  Depending upon the maneuvers employed during the surgery, the nose may change quite a bit.  Swelling is definitely playing a role in the appearance of your nose at this point.  This early after rhinoplasty, it is premature to be concerned about the final result.



Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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