Swollen Stitches After Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck 1 week ago, but today I have had a pain on my right side abdomen and I noticed that my right side stitches are a little swollen, but the left side isn't. Is this normal?

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At one week after surgery it is not uncommon to have minor differences in the two sides. Allow more time to pass for healing

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Abdominoplasty results at 1 week postop.

At 1 week post-surgery, it is normal to have differences along the incision line. Close follow up with your surgeon is key. If you notice changes in the abdomen as you heal, be sure to note when they occurred and if your activity changed at all during that time.

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Swollen Stitches After Tummy Tuck

It is not uncommon the the two sides to look different. However, any such questions really should be addressed to your surgeon who knows what was done and will be following your course. Best wishes.

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It is normal for one side of your body to respond differently. As long as there are no drainage or red streaks on or around the incision you should be ok. You need to make sure you keep your Post op appointment with your surgeon. He will be the best person to advice you.


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