How long does it typically take for a hard painful lump to disappear after hyaluronic acid injections to the lips? (photos)

I had hyaluronic acid injected into my lips 16 hours ago. I have bruise on my upper lip and hard lump on the right Side of upper lip which is very painful. The pain is only on this part. I have been advised to massage the lump but it's too painful to do. And I'm concerned about how long will take for the hard lump to disappear, as it looks very bad.

Swollen.. Pain.. Hard lump

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Recovery after hyaluronic acid injections to lips

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It is not unusual to have some swelling and sometimes a firm feeling after injection of hyaluronic acid into the lips.  This can take a week or so to resolve.  Ice can be helpful during the first couple of days in bringing the swelling down.  If it is too painful to massage the area, I would hold off on that and wait until the area has less pain.  

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Restylane and lip injections

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Restylane is the ideal product to inject into the lips.  Restylane will last six to nine months depending on the amount used.  What I like best about Restylane for the lips is how natural and easily molding it is to this area.  If you have a lump from improper placement of product then I suggest you return to your treating physician to have them dissolve it with Hyaluronidase.  It is so important with cosmetic procedures to find a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience in cosmetic injections for the best result.

Swollen lips after fillers

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Be patient. this is probably swelling and bruising and in a few days the main part of the swelling will go down. Lips can look really scary if they swell a lot but usually resolve within a short time. YOu can apply ice for the swelling but if that goes down and you have bruises you can apply warm compresses.

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How long does it typically take for a hard painful lump to disappear after hyaluronic acid injections to the lips?

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Only see swelling not discrete lump... Best to return to the injecting doctor for follow up care and treatment to the ? lump.... 

Painful lump after Restylane

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Personally I tell my patients to keep their hands away from any injection sites. You can massage inappropriately and move the filler. I prefer my patients leave the area alone and let things resolve. Swelling and bruising can persist for up to two weeks. If you have a lump or bump after that, you can have a bit of hyaluronidase injected just into that spot.

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