Could Swollen Occipital/Cervical Lymph Nodes mean an Allergic reaction to Breast Implants?

I'm one and a half months post op silicone breast revision. My doctor put drains in my armpits and gave me Medrol pak to prevent capsules.I seemingly recovered well, but I am just now developing seriously enlarged lymph nodes, which started on the left side of the back of head(occiptial) and gradually continued to swell into the left cervical nodes, down neck. No signs of illness/fever, armpit nodes not swollen.Could this be an allergy to silicone or related to complications caused by drain?

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"Allergic" reactions to silicone extremely unlikely

Medical grade silicone is one of the most biocompatible materials known, and true allergic reactions to it are very rare. Be sure to see your plastic surgeon so you can be evaluated in person to see what the problem might be.

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