Swollen Nose 4 Months Post-op

I had a closed rhinoplasty four months ago, and now the tip of my nose is still very swollen, and the swelling became worse than before. is there anything I can do to reduce the swelling? like a massage or something!

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Swelling four months post rhinoplasty

It is difficult to tell the exact amount of residual swelling that is still present in your tip by the photographs provided and not seeing your preoperative photographs for any comparison. I will tell you that four months post surgery is to soon to decipher your exact result and that you should wait at least a year before determining your final result. Some surgeons will use kenalog (steroid) injections to reduce supra tip swelling however this may cause atrophy. In my experience the best thing to do is give your nose time to heal and the swelling should dissipate in time. I would not suggest massage as a technique to expedite this process. Make an appointment to see your surgeon and express your concerns and hopefully that will put you at ease. Best regards!

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True post-op nasal swelling can be treated with steroid injection

I can't quite tell from the pictures you've posted of your nose if you have swelling in the tip of your nose that can be helped with an injection of steroids, but this is a common technique after rhinoplasty (both closed and open) that can help to reduce swelling and prevent scar formation that can lead to problems such as the polly-beak deformity. Massage is frequently used right after surgery, but four months after surgery, the benefits of massage are likely minimal.

That said, your tip can also look swollen relative to the rest of your nose if the rest of your nasal bridge (dorsum) has been lowered significantly compared to the tip. The best course of action is to see your surgeon and discuss your concerns with him or her. I wish you the very best!

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