Swollen Nipples and Hard Tissue Behind Nipples 5 Months After Gynecomastia Lipo Surgery?

I had gynecomastia surgery 5months ago.Before surgy I did a chest echo,it revealed that I had a fatty chest with a very small gland tissue.My surgeon told me before surgery that he would make a lipo and if he notices that the gland residue was important he’ll remove it,and that he must leave a small gland tissue so that the nipple is not deformed.Finally he did only a lipo.Result was perfect:chest was flat,but 2weeks after it has inflated,now after 5months I havent noticed any improvement.Thanks

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Hardness Under Nipples Post Gynecomastia/Lipo

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Thank you for your gynecomastia question.  Very often, at this point after gynecomastia lipo, I would recommend the judicious use of corticosteroids injected into the firm tissue below your nipple.  More than likely, this tissue is just organized swelling, and if broken up with a little of corticosteroid followed by 5 minutes of ultrasound (the kind physical therapists use for sore muscles), you would be able to dissolve this swelling and stop it before it turns to true scar tissue.

Your question is a good one and one that needs to be posed to your personal plastic surgeon.  Each plastic surgeon has he or her own technique for dealing with this standard post operative situation.  This is not a complication since all patients go through this stage after liposuction of gynecomastia.  I am sure your plastic surgeon will be happy to hear from you concerning this situation.

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