My left eye is still swollen 7 months after Eyelid Surgery, what should I do? (photo)

My left eye still swollen I'm concern it will never go down.

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Eyelid surgery

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I recommend returning to your plastic surgeon for advice or seeking out another plastic surgeon or an oculoplastic surgeon for a personal consultation or a second opinion.  I cannot be more specific with you with only this photo

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Eyes should not be swollen 7 months after surgery

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Swelling should not be present this long after surgery. It is likely some other problem. See your surgeon or an oculoplastic specialist.

Swollen after eyelid surgery

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Very hard to tell much from these photos.  It looks like you have some fullness of the left, which might be due to muscle or fat.  For either of these you might benefit from a revision. What does your surgeon say? 

My left eye is still swollen 7 months after Eyelid Surgery, what should I do?

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Without an operative report, and an exam it is not possible to explain why your eye is swollen.  Did you have any fat grafts?  We do not know exactly what was done at your procedure.  Follow up with your Plastic Surgeon to compare pre op photos with the final result.  A revision may be needed.  Best wishes!

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