Swollen Lip After Botox for Bells Palsy

I developed Bells Palsy at 17. At 38, my neurologist recommended Botox for the hemifacial spasms. I had my first injections in November, but it didn't help and caused painful swelling on one side of my lower lip. My doctor said it would wear off in 3 months and seemed concerned that my lip hasn't gone back to "normal" yet. He tried injecting a tiny amount more into my lower lip muscle, but no change. I'm disfigured and afraid it's going to stay like this. Will my lip ever go back to normal? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Botox for Bells Palsy spasms

Bells palsy is the most common cause of facial paralysis. Botox is a good option for hemifacial spasms. These facial spasms may develop from any cause of facial paralysis. Swollen skin or tissue from Botox injections is a relatively short term problem. Botox is usually gone after a few months, but for a rare few patients it may last much longer.

Other treatment for skin swelling may help, which include ice and massage. Best of luck.

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Botox should completely wear off in 5 months

It is highly unlikely that you would have any "permanent" effects from Botox and this should revert back tyo normal once the Botox effect has dissipated which could take as long as 5 months.

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