Swollen Left Breast After 11 Weeks?

I'm 11 weeks post-op overs and my left breast is still swollen. Its noticeably swollen, I would say maybe even a cup size. Its not hot and it doesn't really hurt, sometimes its still sore. It also feel like there is air behind it. I know the heal at different rates but my right one has been fine since my last appointment, should I be alarmed?

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Swollen breast after 11 weeks

At 11 weeks you should not be alarmed that your breast is swollen, but you do need to make an appointment with your surgeon. He would be able to examine your breast and determine what the problem is. Typically at 3 months post-op most of the post-op issues have subsided.

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Swollen Left Breast After 11 Weeks?

Without a photo it's hard to determine.  Has the left breast always appeared larger than the right breast? Could it have been that way before surgery and you are noticing the difference now because of the augmentation?  Follow up with your plastic surgeon to make sure.

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Swollen left breast 11 weeks post op

I think you should take your concern seriously and discuss it with your plastic surgeon. There are several causes for breast swelling after surgery. Keep a close follow up with him/ her and adhere to all post operative instructions given to you. 

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