Swelling or Extra Skin 6 Months Post-op?

had a tummy tuck 6 month ago & I will be going to my 6 month appointment in a wk so wanted to see if I can get your input. I feel very swollen & also I think I still have loose skin. When will the swelling go away & is my skin going to tighten soon. I do work out every other day & watch what I eat. I plan on getting a breast augmentation done so not sure if I should stick with my plastic surgeon & should I get a revision on my tummy tuck. I feel like my scar is high as well as my pubic hair line

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Tummy tuck revisions

Post operative scarring and/or swelling can take 6months or even 12 months to fully resolve.  At this point, you are healed well enough to begin some abdominal exercises that may further help your shape.  If not improved by 12 months post op, it would be safe to consider some lower abdominal liposuction, but I would give it further time for now.

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Tummy Tuck Results

Thanks for posting the before and after pictures.  However, I think an in persona examination would be required to tell if you would benefit from a "revision" to tight the skin more.  From the pictures, you look generally heavier in the post op pictures.  It may just be due to the camera or angle or possibly to weight gain.  Has your weight remained stable since surgery?  If you are considering breast augmentation, it would be a good opportunity to have your plastic surgeon perform some additional lipo or scar revision for your tummy tuck / abdominoplasty at the same time. 


Good Luck

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