Swollen Chin After 3 Months Sliding Genioplasty!?? PLEASE HELP!!

Also I don't like how my face looks long!! Is there any way I can get a revision done and put everything back to the way I looked before surgery??? Plus I have weird shadowing when I look in the mirror, it looks like my chin is BULGING OUT OF MY FACE and it looks like I have the fattest face with a skinny body. My surgeon is no help, he told me all my swelling is gone and if this is the final results then I can't live with this on my face :( Please help! I'm freaking out and going crazy.

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Chin Problems, too big after surgery.

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I'm sorry about what you are dealing with.

You had a sliding genioplasty and now you look long.  This is really a tough one without photos, but the apparent increase in length with a shadow could be related to the way the skin draped back over the bones after the procedure.  Was a bone graft put in to intentionally increase height?  Is the fixation hardware prominent and bulging?

If your surgeon cannot help you, then you need to be seen by another surgeon who performs sliding genioplasty for evaluation; don't forget to take your xrays and photos.  Depending on the problem, you may need revision sooner than later. 

Good luck.

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