Swollen Breast - Possible Hematoma 11 Days After BL? (photo)

Yesterday my left breast suddenly got swollen and became bigger in size in the space of 5minutes i thought the stitches would give way. The breast has since reduced & just looks a bit bigger than my right. It doesn't hurt but it is taut & very firm to the touch and there is discolouration of part of the breast like i have bruise. I called my PS who said it is a hematoma & to apply a hot compress to it for now. Please what is this and is that the best treatment? i am panicking here. thanks

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Breast hematoma

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Thank you for your question. A hematoma can be very mild or very pronounced in its presentation. A mild one may induce slightly more swelling and increased bruising and will likely resolve on its own. A more severe hematoma can result in dramatic asymmetry in terms of swelling, feelings of light headedness due to loss of blood, severe bruising, and can be rapidly growing. If you every experience the latter, then I would contact your surgeon immediately and if you have trouble, you may even go to the ER. Larger hematomas often have to be surgically drained.

Sudden swelling may be a hematoma

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Unilateral swelling and firmness of the breasts which occurs suddenly is indicative of a hematoma. You need to be seen by your plastic surgeon for drainage of this hematoma.  If not you can have some wound healing problems.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Most hematomas after mastopexy should be drained.

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The picture may indeed be indicative a large hematoma of the right breast. This probably will best be treated by surgical drainage.

Hematoma after Breast Reduction Surgery?

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I am sorry to hear about the  apparent complication you are  experiencing;  it is very likely that your plastic surgeon has made the correct diagnosis.  You will need to be seen by him to determine whether a drainage procedure will be necessary.  Be careful about burning your skin with the “hot compresses”.

 Best wishes; hopefully you will be pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure performed. 

Swollen Breast after Breast Lift

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I suggest you see your Plastic Surgeon as soon as possible.  An exam is needed to determine the problem.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Haematoma after breast surgery

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Hi Really Unsure

Your story and photos are consistent with a post operative bleed, and resultant hameatoma. Obviously a physical examination is important. To have this happen at 10 days post operatively is unlucky, but it can happen and I have a patient that had her bleed/haematoma almost 3 weeks after their operation.

In my practice, I would ask a patient to see me as soon as possible. Most haematomas should be evacuated surgically. Some small haematomas will dissolve away on their own (or become liquid with time and allow aspiration with a needle) but a story of almost feeling your stitches almost burst is not a 'small haematoma' in my mind. A good method of working out if the haematoma should be drained surgically is to have an ultrasound which will be able to give you and your plastic surgeon an estimated volume of the clot.

Leaving haematomas to sort themselves out can lead to scarring and distortion of your good result.

I would request to see your plastic surgeon sooner rather than later.

Dr Gavin Sandercoe


Swollen Breast - Possible Hematoma 11 Days After BL?

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I would hesitate to give reassurance which may well be false reassurance without the benefit of an examination. I would suggest that you be seen in your surgeon's office for proper evaluation and recommendation

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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