Swollen Breast After Drain Tubes Were Removed

I had a breast revision surgery almost 6 weeks ago. I had drain tubes in both breast for 11 days to help prevent cc. the night of and the 3-4 days following drain removal my left breast became swollen, slightly warm & red, & very tight. the swelling went down but now 6 weeks later it still is hard & sitting high. so most would say its cc again but with this my main chest muscle to my arm can not stretch it is too pain full. i do not have full movement of this arm. What could this mean?

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Swollen Breast After Drain Tubes Were Removed

I would strongly recommend seeing your doctor right away; from your description, you may have an infection- this can lead to CC- get in ASAP.

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Revisionary Breast Surgery

I would highly recommend that you go and see your doctor so that they can examine you .  It's difficult to say what is going on without the physical examination.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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