Swollen breast 18 months post surgery, should I see my surgeonm? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation 18months ago & noticed last night my left breast was swollen. Looking closely, the entire breast seems to have dropped (0.5-1 inch) nipples still even but there is a noticeable difference esp underneath like more weight on underside. Top of implant feels lower too. Some minor pain, worse without a bra. I dont remember knocking it, but went for a small run yesterday. I live rural so how urgent is it I see my surgeon...?

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Swelling 18 months after Breast Augmentation

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Based on your photos, there is some obvious breast implant and breast shape asymmetry. This is likely due to additional settling of your left breast implant. I recommend calling your plastic surgeon for a routine (non-urgent) follow up to determine the best treatment for your situation. Thank you for sharing your concerns and photo. Best wishes. 

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