Swollen and Bruised Lower Eyelid?

i just recently (monday) had an eyesurgery on my lower lid to remove an infection, my eyelid is now puffy and bruised like a purple red color it also tends to itch alot during the day. i do have these clensing wipes hes given me and i also have some eyedrops but id like to know what to do to get the swelling to go away fast. to give insite of how it looks it looks like i got stung by a bee and punched in the eye. lol help please!!!

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Swelling after eyelid surgery

It is very common to have significant swelling and bruising after eyelid surgery.  The peak of your swelling and bruising is usually 48-72 hours after your surgery and then should start to improve.  You mentioned in your post that your eyelid surgery was to treat an active infection, which can add to the swelling and inflammation around your eye.  It is best for you to contact your surgeon with any concerns and for recommendations, especially if your symptoms worsen. 

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Duration of Swelling after Blepharoplasty

It is not uncommon to have swelling after eyelid surgery.  The eyelid skin is very thin and even a small amount of fluid can cause the appearance of tremendous puffiness.  Keeping your head elevated and applying ice to the area are the easiest and most effective ways to expedite the healing.  It is important though to follow-up closely with your surgeon.  If the swelling and bruising is quite significant it could indicate a hematoma or blood collection in the surgical site that would need more immediate treatment.


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Swollen and bruised eyelid after surgery

I agree that you should consult with your surgeon because he or she is the only one that knows exactly what was done during your surgery.  It's not at all unusual to have swelling and bruising after eyelid surgery.  Putting some ice to the area could help, but I would get further instructions from your surgeon as to how this should be applied.  

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Need to ask your own doctor

It is amazing and actually rather alarming that 2 days after surgery you are asking questions like these on line as if some unknown doctors who also don't know you or your case could give you a good answer.  Only your own doctor should be consulted with these questions!

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