Swollen and Bruised After IPL

I am a 42 year old female. I had IPL treatment 2 days ago to get rid of a few brown spots on my cheeks and some veins in my nasal area. I have deep purple bruises beside my nose and on my cheeks, and I have swelling under my eyes that is worse today than it was yesterday. It's hard to tell if this procedure was worth it because my face is such a mess right now with all the brown pigmentation as well as brusing and swelling. I am concerned most about the eye swelling; is it possible that these are actually blisters under the eyes, which causes the swelling to get worse? How long before I can expect to look normal again?

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A good IPL treatment!

It sounds like you went to someone who did a therapeutic IPL treatment for you. Broken blood vessels look bruised when they are fully treated with IPL, so that's a good sign for you. The bruising can take a few weeks to fade, but you can cover it with makeup in the meantime.

The dark spots mean that the light brown spots you had have been effectively treated as well. You should gently exfoliate your face to allow those dark spots to crust and flake off over the next few days. You should also be on a comprehensive skin care regimen to hasten your healing and help maintain your results.

The swelling is a reaction some people have after IPL. It will go away after a few days.

If you are still concerned after a few more days, go back to your physician to see what he/she thinks about your progress.

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