Swollen After Rhinoplasty or Just 'Overdone'?

How do I tell if the tip of my nose is really swollen? My cast was taken off yesterday and the docs and nurses said it was swollen and will go down slightly. BUT after flying back home I realized I want this tip to go down a few mm's.I felt the tip and it feels hard! not soft like before. What is the most a tip can go down by after recovering? I had open nose rhinoplasty, alar base reduction + bridge and tip definition. Thank you.

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Judging Nose When Cast is Removed

Your nose is swollen and cannot be evaluated at the time of cast removal, even by an experienced surgeon who was not present during the surgery. The hardness you feel is secondary to that swelling, which is frequently worse after an open procedure. Relax and trust thesurgeon you selected to do your rhinoplasty.

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Swelling After Rhinoplasty

Hi Impatient One,

One day after cast removal from an open rhinoplasty is not the time to get analytical about millimeters in your nose.  It will take at least 2 weeks for the immediate swelling to go down, and then months for the rest of the nose to settle.  The "softness" of your original nose may take a year or more to return.  It is also a good idea to keep your hands off your nose, you need not test the firmness at this point.  Follow your surgeons instructions, and remember that "Patience is it's own reward".  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Rhinoplasty Postop

It really depends on a lot of things, but the swelling will reduce and the tip will usually rotate downwards at about 3 months and at 6 months there is a notable difference.  So you are still very early in the recovery.

Just be patient and wait for your final results.

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