Is Swelling After Juvederm Injection To Depression on Nose Tip Normal 2 Days Post Op?

hello, I did a non surgical nose job to fill a depression in my nose tip , the doctor used juvederm. i did it 2 days ago but it's still swollen and it looks much bigger than before ! my nose tip is so bulbous now ! is it normal that my whole nose is bruised and painful ? if yes, then when will it go away so i can see the real result ? thank you , please reply as soon as possible i'm so worried

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Is swelling 2 days afte Juvederm injections in the nose normal?

Yes, it is, and particularly if you have bruising. This indicates that you had some bleeding, which causes the area to attract more fluid. With bleeding, it may takes weeks before you see the final result. If the sweling is still present after several weeks or even 2-3 months, hyaluronidase can be injected into the area to dissolve the Juvederm. However, I would wait until all of the swelling subsides before requesting this. The nose tends to hold on to fluid longer than other areas of the face.

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S Swelling After Juvederm Injection To Depression on Nose Tip Normal 2 Days Post Op?

Juvederm injections will cause swelling at 2 days following the injections.  Be sure the MD understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty because too much Juvederm injected could cause a hump or bump on the nose from too much added volume.

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Swelling post Juvederm Injecitions...

Some swelling is normal, however if you are really worried you should follow up with your provider as soon as possible for reassurance. 

Hope this helps. Good luck.


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Juvederm and nasal swelling

Some nasal swelling is normal afer juvederm injection but if it is really swollen and painful you should probably see your doctor.

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