Is Restylane an Outdated Product?

During a consultation with my dermatologist, I asked about Restylane. He told me that Restylane was an outdated filler that has been on the market for years and has not been developed any further. He said there were much better products out there now but that Restylane was still being used a lot, because it has a higher profit margin for doctors. I would like to hear some opinions on this as I really have no way of judging as a consumer which products on the market would be more innovative than others.

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Is Restylane outdated?

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Thanks for the question. This sounds like someone trying to sell you on an alternative product! Restylane is not outdated. It is a great treatment, and in fact, the only filler I use around the eyes. It can be a fantastic treatment in a variety of facial areas, including the lips, folds, under-eye hollows, etc.

Evan R. Ransom, San Francisco Center for Facial Plastic, Reconstructive & Laser Surgery

Restylane is great product...

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Restylane is still a great product!  In my office it is used very often and with very happy patients. 


Dr. Grant Stevens         Marina Plastic Surgery Associates        Marina del Rey, CA     The Institute


Is restylane outdated?

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No!  Restylane is a great hyaluronic acid filler that is very widely used for rejuvenation.  The other hyaluronic acid fillers on the market are Juvederm and Belotero.  Each physician has their own preference for which filler they use, and it often depends on what is being augmented (lips versus under-eye hollows, etc).   

Donna Bilu Martin, MD
Aventura Dermatologist

Restylane is not an outdated product

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As others have responded before me, Restylane is not an outdated product.  It is widely used and effective.  Depending on the area to be injected, some prefer Restylane in certain areas for injection.  Profit margin wise - it is not that much different from other fillers.  

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Mireille Chae, MD
Seattle Dermatologist

Is Restylane an Outdated Product? No

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The simple answer to your question is that your Doctor probably has a cabinet full of a competing product.  Restylane is a wonderful time tested product with tremendous relevance in Facial Plastic Surgery.  Although there are now many hyaluronic acid (HA) alternatives (Juvederm, Bellotero, Expressions, etc.), Restylane continues to be one of the leading HA fillers.

The Choice of Fillers and Volumizers Today Can Be Tailored To Their Intended Purposes

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The short answer to whether Restylane is outdated these days would be no, primarily because it is still being very actively used. The long answer is actually much more complex than it would appear.

There is certainly no question that Restylane remains the most widely sold hyaluronic filler. In the U.S. where the FDA has been sluggish in its approval of newer fillers, the competition for Restylane is limited. For this reason, in my Upper East Side NYC practice, I am compelled to use Restylane for treating many areas of the face for which there exists no alternative. However, in Israel where I also have a private practice and where many other products, including whole families of injectable products have already been regulatory agency approved, I use far, far less of plain Restylane. For example for chin augmentation, I would use Restylane SQ, a much more robust volumizing product with greater lift than its sister filler Restylane. For cheek augmentation I might use Juvederm Voluma; for infraorbital tear troughs, I often use Restylane Vital, and for plumping of crepey cheeks Restylane Vital Light or Juvederm Hydrate. And of course, I have not mentioned the many other families of products by other manufacturers that have large markets in Canada, Europe and Israel, such as Stylage, Teosyal, ReMake, and Princess, to name just a few.

So, is good old Restylane obsolete? The answer for now is no, at least in the United States. In due time, ordinary Restylane is likely to lose its dominant position when these other products, and others that are currently in the pipeline, ultimately make their way--however sluggishly--into the American market.

Restylane is not outdated

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Restylane is still widely used as a very effective dermal filler and has not been replaced by another more advanced hyaluronic acid based filler. Occasionally providers have different preferences, thus promoting one over the other.


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Restylane is not outdated and is a great product. But there are many others in the same family that can be used for various facial issues as well.

Is Restylane an outdated product?

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The short answer is no. There actually have been many developments and improvements to Restylane over the years including different FDA approvals, the addition of stable lidocaine, different needles, different sized syringes. Many good injectors have a variety of fillers we use for different areas of concern, patient needs, etc. Restylane is the top selling filler worldwide and honestly it doesn't have the highest profit margin for me, even though its been around longer than some others. Restylane has been a great product for years and it's still a great product. 

Is Restylane an Outdated Product?

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    Restylane still remains a very good choice for the tear troughs.  I use the other fillers for other areas.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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