Septal extension graft

Is it possible to put septal extension graft in closed approach? I had few rhinoplasty surgeries already, I'm advised that this graft would fix my problem, I don't want opened approach again. Thank you!

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Septal extension graft, rhinoplasty revision

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Hi there,     A septal extension graft may be placed via a closed incision. I would use rim incisions to create the exposure necessary. But without seeing you I cant say whether more would need to be done.     If you've had rhinoplasty's before, the issue is likely to be the source of the graft itself. You might not have enough useful septal cartilage.     Dr Wolfgang Gubisch in Stuttgart is one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. He uses ear (conchal) cartilage for tip support in revisions and is a master surgeon. This may avoid the need for the harvest of rib (costal) cartilage.       My advice is to consider going to him for a consultation.     All the very best     Howard Webster     Plastic Surgeon

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