I lost a lot of weight quickly and now my eyes are sunken.

I lost a lot of weight quickly and now my eyes are sunken. I also dehydrated my body from overconsumption of caffeine, and not drinking water, and starving myself for over a year. Will putting weight back on increase the orbital fat (fat around your eyes) or is fat transplantation the only option? thanks

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Thank you for posting your question. Weight loss and the aging process both contribute to the loss of facial volume. It has been said that one lose about 1ml of volume per decade. Transferred fat and fillers are both good options to fill up facial volume. I recommend starting with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane since their effects are reversible. Once you are satisfied with the result and ready to move on to more permanent options, you can discuss using Bellafill or transferred fat with your physician. Best of luck.

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Sunken eyes after weight loss

Gaining weight can increase fat around the eyes. Fat injection is another option if you have fat to harvest elsewhere. Another option is filler injection which lasts 1-2 years around eyes. See following link and video.

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