Did my double eyelid surgery go wrong? (Photo)

I have my double eyelid surgury (incisional) done in december 2015 (6 months ago). My eyelids came out asymetric since right after the surgery, my right eye is puffy, feels like if its still swollen and has a much higher crease. Is this just swelling or does the surgery went wrong?

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This is not swelling.

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Your surgeon does not fundamentally understand how to structure an Asian eyelid.  I assume also that your surgoen is left handed do to the fact that the surgeon had trouble making the right upper eyelid crease symmetric to the left upper eyelid crease.  Both upper eyelids have the same fundamental issues.  To make a beautiful double fold, it is critical to precisely place the upper eyelid incision.  Generally the crease incision should be a few millimeters below the top of the tarsus.  That typically means an incision at about 5.5 to 7 mm above the eyelid lashes.  The skin and muscle above that are removed very conservatively.  The goal is to place the platform skin and muscle on stretch to the exposed anterior levator aponeurosis to form a hard crease.  In eyelids like yours, generally I often find all the necessary structures where unaffected by prior surgery because the prior surgeon simply did not understand what is needed to be done and as a result the deeper structures and anatomy are preserved.  I think you are ready to have this corrected.  Study my free ebook on eyelid surgery which talks about these repairs.  View my attached video which shows a fix in a Western eyelid and on my actual website you will find before and after pictures of individuals with eyelids like yours.  Surgery, yes, it went wrong but it can be fixed.

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