Looking bloated and fatter. Is it normal? (Photo)

So I used to be overweight and had a small amount of loose skin, not much rarely visible but as a fitness model sometimes it would bother me and I was having surgery for my foot, I decided to get it out as I will be inactive for 6 weeks. Issue is I find it's created a sort of shelf and it's filled with I think water giving me a bulge. I am 6 weeks post op soon, and I know it's early. My scar is very hard so I've started getting lymphatic massages twice a week. Is it normal?

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Looking bloated and fatter. Is it normal?

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  I see your area of concern and most commonly this is a result of swelling to the tissues which should resolve spontaneously given enough time.  It would be important to rule out a potential fluid collection, which would require treatment in your surgeon's office, so be sure to voice your concerns to him/her.  Best wishes. 

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