Would Switching to Subglandular Implants Stop the Pain in Right Breast? I've Had Since Having Subpectoral Implants in 2010?

I always have to wear a compression strap on my breasts to ease the pain. Everytime I put on a normal bra, right breast starts hurting, feels like I'm being stabbed through the chest. Almost feels like the implant's interfering with the muscle and it's trying to escape. The implants look fine, though I do have a flex deformity on the right side, not sure if this is related to the pain? Doctors I've seen can find nothing wrong with it, no capsular contracture at all, say it's nerve pain. Help!

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Options include modifying subpectoral position versus going subfascial/subglandular

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While the source of pain can be a difficult diagnosis to pin down it is most likely related to your pectoral muscle.  There are a few possibilities including a partially separated pectoralis muscle insertion where when the muscle contracts it places significant strain on this insertion and stretches the associated nerve.  Other possibilities include the partial elevation of the pectoralis  minor or the seratus.  The animation deformity may be a hint at a pectoralis over-release issue.  Options for correction really fall into one of two categories: going in and trying to repair the muscle/capsule while keeping the implant in the same position versus switching to the subglandular position.  I would think it would be worth pursuing the repair method first and seeing if that does not take care of the issue.

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Pain after Breast Augmentation?

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I'm sorry to hear about the discomfort/pain you have experienced since your breast augmentation procedure. Although it is not possible to give you precise advice without direct examination, generally speaking it is very difficult to promise the elimination of pain with further surgery. This is especially true when the diagnosis is not capsular contracture.

In other words, it is difficult to predict that an operation to change your breast implants from the sub pectoral to the sub glandular position will improve or eliminate the symptoms you are currently having.  You could even have the breast implants removed and continue to have the same symptoms.

 If the pain or tenderness is located in a specific position then you may be dealing with a neuroma ( this may or may not be identifiable during a surgical procedure).

 Your best bet is to consult with the most experienced/reputable plastic surgeons in your area.

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