Would switching from moderate to moderate plus be a problem?

I have 335 moderate profile saline implants under the muscle. However, I feel that I now have a bit too much side boobs. Also, I had a revision 7.5 weeks ago on one of my breasts which leaked. Now, the recently operated side is slightly lower and falls more to the side. If I want to switch to mod+ silicone implants, would it be a problem since the pockets already made are greater in diameter? Would the implants move too much and fall out of place?

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There are other considerations besides implant profile.

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Although I do hear your concerns, I feel like it’s still very early to be considering breast revision surgery. I recommend waiting at least six months before undergoing any type of implant removal or exchange. The fact that one implant seems to be shifting laterally may indicate that some internal support is needed to correct the surgical pocket. Switching to moderate plus implants—or any other type of implant—will almost certainly necessitate reshaping the surgical pocket to fit the new implants for the best results. This is common practice in breast implant revision, and I think your concerns can be addressed if you just wait a bit longer for revision surgery.

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Would switching from moderate to moderate plus be a problem?

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Thank you for the question.

 Although it is not possible to give you precise advice without direct examination and a full communication of your goals, some general thoughts may be helpful to you.

Generally, lateral breast implant displacement can be corrected using an internal suture technique, decreasing the size of the pockets and moving the implants toward the midline.   Selection of appropriate size/profile breast implants are also important, based on careful measurements (dimensional planning) and a careful consideration of the patient's personal goals.   The use of acellular dermal matrix is an option ( although not usually necessary)  especially if significant implant rippling/palpability is present.

I hope this (and the attached link, dedicated to revisionary breast surgery concerns) helps.

Implant profile and pocket repair

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If one implant has dropped or moves too far to the side, then the pocket needs to be repaired and this might best be done with an internal bra material such as Strattice, SERI Scaffold, or GalaFLEX mesh. A higher profile implant will be larger if the diameter is the same and this could actually make things worse without additional support.

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dont think this is a good solution. you wont see much difference with mod plus. you need textured shaped highly cohesive gels and to close down the lateral aspect of the pocket and maybe use mesh to reinforce the repair

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