I think I might need braces? (Photo)

I think I have a overbite and my two front teeth have a large gap? My dentist hasn't said anything about braces tho except I will need them for my cainine surgery

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Hi ,Based on this picture , yes you have overbite, gaps, deep bite, and possible class II malocclusion and bite. Braces will fix that!!Its kind of hard to tell on this picture , but seems like you missing a upper left canine which is probably impacted under the gum? right? thats what you mean by (my cainine surgery)?  Baby canine upper left needs to be extracted, permanent canine under the gum need surgical exposure, than by utilizing the braces its possible to retrieve your permanent upper left canine. So braces will fix that too!!
Good Luck

George Sahakyan DDS

Glendale Dentist

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