80% Glycolic Peel Ruined the Texture of my Face. Will a Series of TCA Peels Help This?

I recently did an 80% g. peel. (yes I now know how stupid it was.) & I didn't take care if it or keep it moisturized during the peeling process so the scabs fell off far too soon. (In the shower & during sex.) Now I have deep scars and VERY uneven skin texture. will a series of tca 25% help smooth out the texture? tca cross method? or is laser resurfacing my only option? if so, how many treatments will it take and do insurance help with this at all? please help me :( thanks

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Glycolic peel ruined my skin

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Did you do this peel yourself? Wow, that's so dangerous. Stop doing any peels like this yourself. These are chemicals and what you have done is severely damaged your skin. Get to a professional and have a consultation. Just because you can buy peels and chemicals doesn't mean you know how to use them. An 80% glycolic peel is so dangerous in the wrong, untrained hands. I have seen irreversible damage from people doing peels at home because they think it's "safe" because they can buy them online. Don't do this.

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