Could This Still Be Swelling 10 Months Post Op? (photo)

Hi, I had revision rhino 10 months ago to refine my tip which had pushed up after my primary. The ps also suggested he could narrow my nasal bones slightly which he also did. My question is would there be much swelling at this stage, I cannot tel whether my tip is pushing up again or its just swelling & my tip will go back down. My nose is also still quite stuffy & the bridge is sensitive. The nose looked perfect the first few months, can swelling be delayed and appear after 3 months?

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

swelling after rhinoplasty:

  • swelling can take more than a year to settle
  • the description of your nose leads me to believe it is swollen
  • taping at night may help
  • arnica gel in and outside the nose.
  • bromelain
  • ice
  • clariton

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