How Can I Tell if I Still Have Swelling?

hi. may 19th i had 700cc removed from my lower abs and flanks and 200 cc removed from my mons area. my flanks and stomach have gone down alot and my pubic area was looking smaller til last week. now it seems back to what it was before. i still have a little soreness in mons area and a few hard spots. i know this area can take some time for swelling to go down. but how do i know if it is swelling? what are the signs of swelling still there?

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Liposuction results

If it was flatter early postop and now fuller, give it time (2-3 months).  Swelling that comes and goes is usually related to tissue fluid and resolves overtime.  (eg. like a sprained ankle that swells up and down for a few days depending on how much you stand on it.) I hope this info helps.

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Swelling of the mons area will be the last to go away


Thank you for the question.  Because of the anatomy as well as the location of the mons area with respect to gravity pulling swelling down towards it the mons area swelling will be the last to fully go away.  Spanx type underwear may help place some compression in that area.  With time, swelling will subside.

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Swelling following liposuction

Many patients require six months for complete resolution of swelling following liposuction.  If the treated areas are tender or increase in size after a busy day, it is likely that you still have some swelling.

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Swelling in the mons pubis post lipo

I understand you concerns and feel your pain. I have heard this comment for (at least 25) years and I am very confident that your mons will go down. The best person to answer the question of; is there something else going on? Is your surgeon, ask him or her and trust the answer. Once assured of that,'ll be fine.

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Swelling after liposuction?

There is acute swelling after liposuction that resolves over a few weeks, and then some chronic swelling and scar tissue thickening in the subcutaneous tissues that resolve over several months.  I tell my patients that, although they will see improvement and reduction in contour as the acute swelling subsides over a few weeks, they will not see their final result for 6-8 months.  If areas are very firm after a few weeks, I will often times recommend ultrasound treatments performed by a physical therapist to soften the areas sooner.  If you had some bleeding in the tissues or a hematoma, you may get even more firmness that can take longer to resolve.

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Swelling after liposuction

You really need to provide more information with your question such as when the procedure was performed and show before and after pictures.  If you still have soreness and changes day by day, then you likely still have swelling.  While most of the swelling goes away by the first month, you will continue to see changes over the next several months.


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