I faithfully wore by binder but yesterday took it off for a 1/2 day now i swelled right up and my skin is hard.

Had a mmt w/ lipo 2 weeks ago yesterday, I faithfully wore by binder but yesterday took it off for a 1/2 day now i swelled right up and my skin is hard.. Is that gonna take a while to go down? Is it gonna go down?

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Swelling with a tummy tuck

Swelling at 2 weeks is very normal.  I always recommend wearing the compression garment consistently for 6 weeks or sometimes longer.  If you are more active it will also cause more swelling.  If you do not feel like the swelling is improving then see your plastic surgeon in person to rule out a seroma (fluid collection).  

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Surgery and swelling

Hi Dear:

It is normal that you get swelling if you take off your garments. I recommend you to use your binder all day for at least 3 months. only take it off for bathing purpose.

Dr. Silvia Aviles
Dominican Certified Plastic Surgeon

Silvia Aviles Terrero, MD
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Harley1973 thank you for the question,

You are only 2 weeks post surgery is normal to get swelling during the day and if you didn't have your binder on is more of a reason, you need 23 hours a day with garment or binder for the first month and after the first month i tell my patients to wear during the day for support.It would get better.

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Activity and swelling after a TT

The problem you describe is a common one. As you get back to your normal activity levels, there is expected to be some degree of increased swelling in your surgical sites.  It is very likely to gradually and progressively get better. Unfortunately, without an exam no one can be certain that your issues are typical swelling. It is worth a call to your surgeon to make certain that you and he/she agree it is just typical swelling.
Dr. Pyle

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