How different does the nose really look after swellings gone down?

how different does the nose really look after swellings gone down.if they tell you noone else will notice your swelling going down only you then that worries me because i really want it to be noticeably different then how it is right now and im a month out. some say its little bitty changes so i think we should be able to judge after like the first 2 just really confused and frustrated about this all

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Nasal Swelling after Rhinoplasty

How much your nose will change  depends on the severity of the present swelling. Swelling at one month varies tremendously depending on your skin, what was changed, and what techniques were used. It is difficult for anyone, except your surgeon, to judge 2 weeks after surgery.

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Give it time: Assessing the results soon after nose job.

Even if the nose does not significantly reduce in swelling there is not much you can do at this early date. So it is best to sit back and relax and reassess in several months when you may be able to consider additional surgery to achieve the results you are seeking. However, the nose will decrease in size. Give it time

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