Why Do I Have Swelling a Year and a Half After Rhinoplasty?

Hi! I had my rhinoplasty done on Novermber 10th of 2011. I was, and am, really happy with the outcome. I had a very fat tip and a little bump on the bridge from a fracture. The Dr. gave me a beautiful nose, similar to Charlotte Casiraghi's but smaller. The problem is lately I've been noticing swelling around the tip. I'm scared my nose will go back to how it was before (fat). My mom (who's had two rhinos) says that it's probably the heat (I live in PR so it's really hot). What do you think?

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Swelling After Rhinoplasty

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Swelling after having a rhinoplasty is completely normal; it can take several months and sometimes up to a year for your nose to heal post surgery. In no case will the nose "grow back" after a rhinoplasty was performed.

Swelling that comes and goes may be heat related or something else may be affecting it. I would recommend scheduling a follow up with the surgeon who performed the procedure so they can take a look and put your mind at ease. "Dr. D"

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Residual Swelling after Rhinoplasty

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   If the swelling comes and goes, you can probably expect that to resolve over time.  The nose should not grow back in the basic sense.  Sometimes rosacea or rhinophyma can change the skin envelope.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Tip Swelling 1.5 Years after Rhinoplasty

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Your nose will not grow following the rhinoplasty. The heat can be part of the problem but I suggest that you get examined by your surgeon to determine the cause of your intermittent swelling.

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Rhinoplasty swelling 1.5 year pot survey

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The swelling can be the hot weather or some residual swelling from the surgery. Is it worse in the AM? Do you retain fluid before your periods? Your nose will not grow back.


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