Can this be swelling at almost 6 wks post mini TT and lipo+hernia repair. Was a mini TT right for me?

I can’t find many cases showing such a prominent bulge after mini TT surgery ant this concerns me. Is this all possibly just swelling? At 2 wks post op my PS checked for Seroma but there wasn’t any fluid. At the time of my surgery I believed that a mini TT is right for me as I didn’t seem to have enough skin above BB to stretch for a low incision line but now I feel my PS hasn’t pulled enough skin. If I need to redo this could my BB get fixed even if there is not enough skin for a full TT

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TT and lipo+hernia repair

These are really questions for your surgeon. Without knowing if your umbilicus was floated, it's hard to know what kind of redo options you have. Also, swelling varies greatly with the amount and type of lipo you had. Lastly, the way your abdomen looks post-op is also affected by whether your muscles were tightened as part of the procedure. I would recommend you visit with your surgeon as only they know what was done. Hope that helps.

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