Swelling 5 weeks post brachioplasty I realize some is normal

Significant swelling at elbows feel like I have water balloons on each elbow. Wondered if lymphatic massage or compression or both would help. I am not currently wearing any compression. PS just says it will improve. I would like to be as progressive as possible as it is uncomfortable and unsightly.

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Recovery after arm lift surgery

Recovery after body contouring surgery takes some time, typically 6 months for most of the swelling to resolve and over a year for the scars to mature. Brachioplasty is no exception. At 1 month after brachioplasty, you are still very early in your recovery. If liposuction was used to help contour your arms, then you will typically experience even more swelling and this will also take time to resolve. Wearing a compression garment helps to control swelling. Massage of the areas also helps to get swelling out of the tissues. Be sure to communicate your concerns with your surgeon and follow the postoperative instructions. Swelling will get better with time.

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Recovery Matters

Swelling is common after any surgery and typically takes 6 weeks for early swelling and up to 3 months for more extensive procedures.  Everyone heals differently and there are things you can do to reduce swelling: compression garments, reduce salt and water intake, take higher protein diet and Iron if you are anemic.  Patients after bariatric (weight loss surgery) have chronic anemia and low protein levels which need to be addressed to reduce swelling.

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