Swelling/uneveness from TT - Flat Tummy but Uneven Hips?

I am 3 wks post ops from a TT. Didnt have much swelling & wear my compression garment 24/7. Only remove to bath. My stomach still has no feelings, but when I breath in and out, I can see my stomach move so that's great news. My right side drained alot of fuild, but my left side drained very little. My question is: when I take off my compression garment, I notice that one my hips is higher (the curve) than the other. I'm worried - could be the cause of this & what can I do? Please advise.

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Uneven Swelling Normal

After an abdominoplasty, it can take a few months for eveything to balance out, the swelling to fully go away, etc.  I would not worry at this point.  I would just keep wearing your compression garment as much as possible, and after three months, if things are not balanced out, then I would address it with your surgeon.  Chances are that it will, and you will look great.  I hope this helps.

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Uneven hips after tummy tuck procedure

There are a variety of causes for this which range from edema, seroma, hematoma, persistent fatty depsits, untreated dog ears of residual cutaneous laxity of hips and flanks,  asymmetrical hips, scoliosis, etc. Discuss the uneven appearance with your surgeon as well as some of the causes and future management.

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