Swelling Under Chin After Smart Lipo

I had Smart Lipo on my chin 4 weeks ago. 70 cc's of fat were removed. I now have a line of swelling under my chin where the fattest area used to be.

While my neck and jaw line look great, I have had little improvement with the swelling in this area.

I have been having weekly lymphatic massages and Smart Sound treatments. I am worried this may be scar tissue. Am I over reacting or is it to soon to panic?

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Smartlipo and swelling

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4 weeks out from surgery is too early to be overly concerned about the swelling under your chin. If the area wasn't properly treated and feathered to soften the change from the treated area to the untreated area, then there may be some reason for concern, but otherwise, I would give it some more time to settle down.

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