Could This Be Swelling and How Do I Treat a Fresh Pimple Scarring?

I was in a play fight (wrestling) and it got rough. Which now got me a scratched (not with nails) forehead. I had little pimples on my forehead and it got rubbed really hard. and Now they are open. How can I treat them, I put honey on them. Second, So on my cheek now I have this mark now I dont know how it looks like blood but stuck underneath the skin or something redish underneath the skin. Is that swelling? how can I treat it? I didnt go to a doctor.

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Scar Removal

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Stop the honey treatment.  This will cause many problems for you.  Start on an acne face wash, non exfoliating wash is ideal, use sunscreen, and a hat. See a Board Certified Dermatologist, and be evaluated, and the mark is likely a shallow break in some vessels which will go away in time…1-2 weeks.

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