Does swelling of tip (after rhinoplasty) last this long- 10 months?

I've had a closed-rhinoplasty 10 months ago. Now, the tip of my nose looks ugly and big, even after 10 months! mine is a bit soft around the edges but it still doesn't look normal, even in pictures it looks bigger than in real life. I have checked with my doctor recently and he told me that because my skin is thick and oily, it will take up to two years until the final result is shown, is it true? Also, My nose used to be thinner in-front, but now it's wider and bigger, will this last?

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Swelling on the tip after 10-months post-op

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Hi Tamara703,

Theoretically, it is true that the real final result may take up to 2 years, however, after 6-12 months, the change is usually not that significant.
This is the reason why most surgeon recommend a waiting period of at least 6 months before deciding on any revision surgery.
However, thick skin may also be another factor to consider.
Consult your surgeon for your options.

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