Just Swelling or the Surgeon Didn't Remove Enough Skin? (photo)

It's been exactly one month since I have had my abdominoplasty done. I have lost around 32kg/5st 0.5lb within 10 months and my waist gone down from being 36" to 28". I have had seroma build up during the 2nd/3rd week which had been drained 3 times so far by the surgeon. The last time there wasn't much fluid. I have told my surgeon that I'm worried that my tummy looks odd but he said it would look okay in a few months. I'm hoping if you could give me a second opinion. Many thanks in advance.

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Need for revision abdominoplasty

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Though this is quite early to judge the results of your surgery, it appears that you may need a revsion after the swelling resolves.  Generally, these are relatively simple to remove additional skin.  It will take several months before determining the need for this.

Maui Plastic Surgeon

Just Swelling or the Surgeon Didn't Remove Enough Skin?

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Sorry to say you may need revisional surgery after 6 months of healing based upon the simgle posted photo. But this is ONLY a guess. Best to seek in person second opinions. 

Just Swelling or the Surgeon Didn't Remove Enough Skin

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It can be hard to tell on a two dimensional photo, but I would be concerned about another seroma. An exam could detect that quite reliably. 

With you history of weight loss I would have some worries about skin elasticity, and concern about whether or not the apparent skin excess will shrink some. You may well wind up needing some more skin removed, some from your lower abdomen, and perhaps some around the back. 

Thanks for your question, and for the photos. Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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Three issues may be at han

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Thank you for the question and the photos.  I suspect three things might be occurring.  Liposuction if the abdominal flap and flanks was either not performed or not enough was removed.  The second issue is likely to be a pseudo bursa since you likely had longstanding seroma.  The third might be swelling but this would likely be a minimal component of the overall issue.  I also feel that the scar could be lower.  My recommendation is to discuss these issues with your plastic surgeon as a full redo of your tummy tuck would improve your results.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta 

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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One Month Post Abdominoplasty - Do I Need A Revision?

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The textbook answer is that you need to wait 3-6 months to see how well the swelling goes down.  From this one picture, you may have a recurrent seroma, you may have excess of swelling, or you may have excess skin which would need to be trimmed away at a second procedure, or you may have all three.

That being said, my guess is from this picture that you do, in fact, have redundant skin, but since I see little to no fat on you pre operatively, I am surprised at the degree of swelling which may indicate a seroma or multiple seromas.   The answer to all these questions is get a face to face, in person exam with your plastic surgeon, and if you don't feel uncomfortable with his or her opinion, seek a second opinion from a Board Certified plastic surgeon.  


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