Can Swelling Smooth out Fine Lines?

I had a rhinoplasty a few weeks ago, despite my war wounds (swelling, bruises and paralysis in my face lol) I love my nose. This may be a completely naive questions but am wondering if swelling can smooth out fine lines in your face? I have a pretty prominent worry wrinkle in the middle of my eyebrows which there is zero sign of since surgery. I know this is because I am still very swollen & very much right there, but is that possible and/or could it be worse once swelling lessens?

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Swelling to efface wrinkles

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The quick answer is yes, swelling will definitely soften lines and wrinkles.  It's the whole basis of dermal fillers - adding volume in areas of volume depletion to "plump" them up, like the smile lines and tear troughs.  Your glabellar furrow (line between your eyebrows) is effaced by the swelling, but it should return to where it was, not worse, when the swelling resolves.   

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