Swelling on One Side 7 Weeks After Cheek Implant? (photo)

After surgery it was more swollen than other side. When I moved my head in certain positions or touched certain areas of the implant, it was extremely painful. Each day was slightly different. The pain started near my eye, then traveled down to the bottom of the implant. My doctor put me on antibiotics about 6 days ago. It was getting better. Then yesterday it flared up just as swollen as at its worst, and it itched when it did so. Now it is slightly tender; not painful or itchy. What to do?

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Swelling on one side after cheek implants

Considering that you are only having the swelling on one side of your face after the cheek implants, I would recommend returning to your surgeon to be evaluated.  Since it's worsening, you need to be evaluated in person to determine what might be causing the problem.  

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