Can Swelling on One Side of Nose Cause Opposite Side to Look Larger at an Angle?

After rhinoplasty, my nose looks good, but on the tip on the left side there is quite a lot of swelling and really not as much on the right. I was wondering if the larger amount of swelling on the left could be the cause for making the right side of my nose appear longer at semi profile view?

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Unilateral Nasal Swellng and Photographic Distortion

Nasal swelling rarely resolves symmetrically after rhinoplasty. You complain that your nose "appears longer" only in the 3/4 view. If one side was truly longer, you would see this in multiple views. Be patient until all the swelling resolves.

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Swelling of nose

The swelling of the nose certainly could be uneven.  You have to give it some time to settle down.  If still concerned talk to you surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Swelling on one side of nose cause opposite side to look larger at an angle

Sorry I could not see a photo to answer your question more accurately. My guess is this is either swelling or a poor result but you have to see your surgeon or get a second opinion.

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