Swelling on One Side After Breast Aug?

I had breast augmentation 3 weeks ago. I noticed today that one breast is larger and seems to be swelling. It feels alittle tender, but not painful and this side has felt more tender since I had the surgery. I took tylenol and it made the swelling go down but I didn't check to see if I had a fever. I feel concerned that I may be getting an infection because I went swimming and got in a hot tub briefly yesterday.

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Post Breast Augmentation Unilateral Swelling

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It is difficult to give an accurate opinion without pictures. However acute swelling in the post operative period is worrisome. This could be from accumulation of blood or serum, or even an infectious  process. It seems as the swelling is inflammatory in nature as it subsided with Tylenol. I highly recommend close follow up with your surgeon as in cases such as these an in-person exam is key for accurate and timely diagnosis.

Good luck.

Swelling on One Side After Breast Aug?

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Sudden swelling on one side after breast surgery always raises a red flag, and a call and visit to your surgeon is in order.

There could be a fluid collection of blood or serum, or an infection. Without a photo I would be hesitant to comment further, but even if you had a completely normal looking photo I would still urge contacting your surgeon.j

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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