Swelling or scar tissue 2 years post complex Bone Graft surgery due to facial gunshot wound? (photo)

There was only a little scar where the bullet entered. I had surgery to replace missing teeth. I had a bone graft placed to act as my upper maxilla for the implant screws. Abdominal muscle was used to act as gum. i had a small incision in my right cheek to connect vessels. 2 years post surgery and my right cheek has not settled. I spoke to my surgeon, he said there’s not much that can be done, he also said that lipo suction might increase the scar tissue and result in even more swelling. Help!!

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It is very hard to do a revision when the blood supply is compromised.  Few people want to touch it.  Sometimes the revision can end up looking even worse.  I don't know where you live, but in any major regional area, there is usually someone who can handle this. Make sure you present to consultations with all of your records.

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