Swelling or Permanent Dorsal Hump?

3 weeks ago i was shouldered on the right side of my nose as i turned around....no blood. From the 1st to 7th day the swelling reduced and slowly and slightly has however i cant tell if my nose is still swollen because it feels bony and appears to have a dorsal hump and now im really paranoid and hate the way i look and scared about getting surgury ive been in my house for the past two weeks just researching.Please im only 16. i started treating it again..around /below my eyes is swollen too

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Swelling or Permanent Dorsal Hump?

 Swelling along the nasal dorsum from blunt nasal trauma can take several months to fully dissipate and you shouldn't make any decisions about Rhinoplasty to change things until at least that amount of time has elapsed.  When trauma creates obvious damage and deviations to the nose, Rhinoplasty can be done as soon as two weeks because it's clear the nose has been damaged and fractured.  In cases where this isn't clear, it's best to wait and see IMHO.  

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Permanent Swelling vs Dorsal Hump

If your still swollen below your eyes 3 weeks after trauma you probably still have swelling of your dorsum. However the only way you'll know for sure is to be examined by a specialist in nasal surgery. That would be a lot easier than spending your precious time doing all the research.

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Trauma to Nose


It is very difficult to determine a proper diagnosis without a hands on consultation and evaluation and exam on your nose. I would schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation with a surgeon nearby who is highly recommended. Upon direct examination the doctor will be able to properly evaluate your current situation and provide you with some answers. Since you are only sixteen please consult with your parents during this process and they will need to attend the appointment with you since you are a minor. Do not worry yourself until you have some facts. Best regards!

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3 weeks after injury to nose

It is very difficult to answer your question without seeing you in person and examining your nose – you should consider seeing an a nasal surgeon for an assessment

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