Medpor Chin Implant - When Will Numbness Improve?

I had a Medpor chin implant inserted 5 days ago, and after reading about some having major trouble with nerve regeneration, etc.,I'm nervous about the numbness in my center lower lip. I have feeling on the left and right side of lip. The numbness in the center continues down to where crease in chin starts. I do have feeling in the rest of chin area,but my chin is really swollen. Since my upper lip is shorter, it's hard to say m,b,p because bottom lip won't easily raise to meet upper lip. Bleh! As Swelling Goes Down, Will Numbness in Middle of Bottom Lip and Part Way Down my Chin Improve More Quickly?

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Numbness after chin implant

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It is not uncommon to have numbness after a chin augmentation no matter what type of implant is used. It typically takes four to six weeks to resolve but can persist a bit longer. The swelling often takes up to two weeks to resolve but individual situations may vary.

Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Numbness after Medpor Chin Implant

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The numbness has nothing to do with the type of implant used. Although we cannot guarantee anything, you should get back all of your feeling. If the nerve is interrupted with this procedure, the numbness is on one side of the lip, not in the center. It is very unusual to have this much swelling after a chin implant, but it will resolve.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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