How much Swelling After Rhinoplasty is Normal? Nose is much Bigger than Before. (photo)

Hi I had rhinoplasty done 2 1/2 weeks ago. After reading all of the questions, I do understand that I will have swelling to my nose. I've look at other photos, but it still worries me, as my nose seems to be ALOT larger than what it was. I had my hump removed from my nose (I hated my profile) but I liked the front of my nose, it was small and I had no issues. After the rhinoplasty I love my profile, but now I HATE the front of my nose. Could it really get that much smaller, or is this it?

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How much Swelling After Rhinoplasty is Normal? Nose is much Bigger than Before. (photo)

Still very early in the post operative healing cycle. If after 2 months still unhappy than you need to consult with your chosen surgeon or seek in person second opinions. 

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

You are doing fine and do not have an extreme situation. Be patient, it will look a lot different in a month and then only keep getting better.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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You have a lot of swelling

It is too early to discuss the results. You still have a lot of swelling(look at your nasolabial folds). Please be patient and let the swelling resolve.It may take up a year for the final result

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Swelling 2 1/2 Weeks after Rhinoplasty

It is not rare to have obvious temporary swelling 2 1/2 weeks after rhinoplasty. I guarantee that your nose will be smaller as healing progresses. We all wish we could achieve a final result within a month after surgery. The only thing you can do now is be patient.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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How much Swelling After Rhinoplasty is Normal? Nose is much Bigger than Before.

There is not normal or typical when it comes to post Rhinoplasty swelling since something fdifferent may have been done to each nose during the Rhinoplasty.  IMHO, from the photos at 2 1/2 weeks post Rhinoplasty there's still swelling in the nose as is expected.  This should decrease over the next several months.  You should discuss any of your concerns with your Rhinoplasty Surgeon.   IMO, the nose does definitely look better and has potential to thin significantly over the following months.  Take a deep breath and try to relax and have patience.

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Swelling post rhinoplasty

Hi there

At just over 2 weeks post surgery, your nose is simply very swollen. It will go down over time, and won't be bigger after surgery than before.  You just have to be patient, and not worry.

Good luck.

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