Swelling of Nose Three Years After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

three years after my rhinoplasty my nose is still tender and swells alot and gets really red when i am getting hot. ie:when i am out in the summer or when i am working out. i also sometimes get a tingling sensation. not sure as to why this occurs or if i should go see my surgeon...also this was a rhinoplasty to fix my broken nose.

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Red and swollen nasal tip at 3 years after surgery

It is uncommon for someone to have swelling and redness three years after rhinoplasty.  Did you have permanent sutures or implants placed that could be infected?  Best to ask you surgeon.

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Swelling three years post-rhinoplasty

This sounds like a condition related to nerve and microvascular changes after the original trauma and subsequent surgery. You may want to see a neurologist, as this could potentially be a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. This is unusual in this area but certainly can happen. Of course, there is no way for a physician to know without examining you.

Good luck!

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Swelling of Nose Three Years After Rhinoplasty?

Swelling after 3 years is NOT swelling it is the final appearance result! Best to seek in person evaluations to discuss revision rhinoplasty. 

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